My Keploy Fellowship Experience

My Keploy Fellowship Experience

I applied for the Keploy Fellowship 2023 after watching some posts related to it on LinkedIn. I was intrigued by how Keploy works in making the testing process easier for the developers. Hence, I applied for the fellowship and fortunately got selected as well.

What is Keploy?

Keploy is a functional testing toolkit for developers. It is an open-source e2e testing toolkit that creates test cases and data mocks from API calls, making releases faster and highly reliable. It is designed to reduce the time in writing tests manually. It integrates with existing unit testing frameworks (eg: go test, Junit, pytest, etc.) to ensure compatibility with existing tooling like code coverage, IDE support and CI pipeline/infrastructure support.

There are 4 major reasons why you should use Keploy.

  1. Keploy records the exact API calls, including dependencies data.

  2. Keploy automatically compares all attributes of an actual and expected test-case response and brings any differences to your attention.

  3. Keploy has native integrations with native testing libraries like go-test, junit. Code coverage will be reported with existing plus Keploy recorded test cases and doesn't require any change in the CI/CD pipeline to integrate.

  4. Keploy will test the new version of the application with thousands of test cases within minutes and generate instant reports and alerts.

What is Keploy Fellowship?

If you are interested in APIs and want to level up your skills, then you can apply for this fellowship. You will get the opportunity to dive deep into the world of APIs, work on hands-on projects, and build your skills in this ever-growing and exciting field.

This fellowship consisted of 6 immensely knowledgeable sessions. Now, let's go through what I learned in each Keploy session.

1: API Fellowship Introduction and Indexes

This was the orientation programme and we got introduced to our mentors and other fellows. The objectives of the fellowship were discussed. We also gained knowledge about the APIs, HTTP and HTTPS. The task of the session was to write a blog on HTTP and HTTPS.

Here is the link to the blog,

2: Theoretical Aspects of APIs

In this session, we learned about the fundamentals of APIs, their types, and their components. We also learned about the various API methods, status codes and how to keep APIs secure. The task of the session was to write a blog on the same.

Here is the link to the blog,

3: Web Development and API Integration

The 3rd session was hands-on. This session consisted of topics on web development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We saw the usage of public APIs in static sites to make them dynamic. The task of the session was to create a webpage and implementation of public APIs in it. I created a static webpage that will display the emojis and their meanings using a public API.

Here is the link to the webpage,

The API that I used was

4: API Creation and Integration

This session gave us a taste of backend development as we used NodeJS to create an API of our own and then integrated it into a static webpage. We also used Postman for the testing of the APIs. The task of this session was to develop your own API.

Here is the link to the webpage,

5: API Testing and Unit Testing

In this session, we were introduced to the Postman API testing platform where we did some unit testing. We also learned to integrate the databases such as MongoDB in the NodeJS application. The task of this session was to test your API in the Postman application.

Here is the link to the testing commands,

6: API Testing with Keploy

In the last session, we were introduced to the Keploy API testing platform, how it works, and its need. We were taught how to integrate the typescript module using Keploy and how it makes testing fast and efficient.

This fellowship was an amazing learning experience for me and I am grateful for this opportunity. You can apply for the fellowship by following this link.

If you have any queries, then feel free to drop them in the comment box. I'd be glad to address your queries. Until then, bye bye and take care!